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Log [Jan. 4th, 2004|08:21 pm]


Just a short scene of Mahou meeting Ayame. She also met Naozumi, but I forgot to log it. o.o; D'oh.

Mahou sighs, wandering the sidewalks of Upper Central Tokyo with no specific purpose in mind. At least, that's what she would have one think. She pauses occassionally, checking the cell phone that she carries in her hand. Over an hour and it's still not ringing! And the battery is fine too, and she even called her own phone before leaving the house to make sure things were otherwise okay. "Why do I even bother." She mumbles to herself, stuffing the gadget into her blazer pocket. She begins walking with a bit more of a purpose now, one hand sweeping dark strands back over her shoulder.

Expecting a call? For Ayame, a cell phone was merely a convenience to have whenever something happy or out of the ordinary occured- that he could share instantaneously with Hatori! Oh the wonders of modern-day technology. Ah, but for the moment, the white-haired shopkeeper wasn't with any precious bit of info to pass on. He steps out of the doors of his store, tugging at the fur-lined collar and hood of his thick coat. Thankfully it wasn't that cold today, otherwise he would have second thoughts about risking it outside today. It wouldn't be a pleasant surprise, should he shift forms on account of a little chill in the weather, now~!

Mahou pauses in her steps, one perfectly sculpted brow quirking at the figure stepping out of the shop. Maybe if Mahou looked like her, the idiot would have called by now! Not that Mahou has any complaints about her looks, mind you! Yes, they're just fine, and anyone who couldn't appreciate them...well, that was just their loss. By her thoughts, she's a little confused on the exact gender of the ivory-haired person. No offense! And so still thinking he's really a she, she steps forward in hopes of engaging another fashion-minded soul. "That's a nice coat. Did you buy it in there?" Mahou nods to the boutique before tilting her head thoughtfully. Maybe she should buy a more 'mature' wardrobe.

Ayame wouldn't find it any offense, probably. It's happened before, but only boosted his confidence for his natural beauty! Ohohoho~!! "Hn?" The white-haired character turns then and glances at Mahou, blinking golden eyes almost cluelessly at first, before he breaks into a wide smile. "Ah! Buy this there? Well, you might say that! Technically, anyway! I made it, and this is my shop!" Ayame proclaims, in anything but a feminine voice.

Mahou blinks. Now, she's normally calm and collected. Compared to her friends, she's downright stoic. But there's surprise written all over her face at that moment, and the palor of her complexion grows whiter still. "I..I'm sorry." She stammers, before realizing that he probably doesn't know what she's apologizing for. Or perhaps he secretly does, since it might happen to him often. c.c; She takes a deep breath before a faint smile touches her lips. "It's nice work. You've got great taste." Now she's back! She pulls her hand from her pocket, intending to give the fabric of the coat a rub between her fingers. Unfortunately, her phone tumbles out as well, crashing to the pavement. A girl's most valuable possession! But Mahou just eyes it coldly before giving it a kick. "Is this wool or cashmere?"

Ayame smiles, waving a hand at the apology. Truthfully, he doesn't know why she was apologizing, so moreso the reason to disregard it! Tilting his head, the storekeep's gaze follows the phone as it clatters on the floor, brow quirking as it's kicked away. Well! Back to the subject- Ayame smiles at the compliment. "Why thank you, dear! Ah, but this is wool, yes. Cashmere isn't that thick and better made for sweaters or lining, I think." He holds his smile, even as he decides to point out the obvious. "I think you dropped your phone."

Mahou nods, her lips parting to reply. And not about the phone either. But then as fate would have it, it begins to ring. Mahou blinks once, her expression unreadable for about a moment. And then she hurries to collect it. "Hello?" She crosses one arm over her chest, prepared for a verbal battle. It never happens. "No. You have the wrong number." She sighs, staring down at the phone even after she's hung up. "Men. Are jackasses." She states firmly, before looking up to Ayame and blinking. "No offense."

The white-haired Souma looks almost blankly at Mahou. And then he blinks, still grinning, making him look all the more clueless. "Ah- none taken!" Ayame hms. "Expecting a call?" he guesses, from how fast the girl had taken to answer it, and the disappointment that riddled her face after.

Mahou shrugs before shoving it into her pocket. "Just my boyfriend." She tries to downplay the obvious source of her disappointment as she shoves the phone back into her pocket. "He was suppossed to call me from this stupid...dentist's convention. I guess he forgot." Still, she would have thought that he'd think to call her, that he'd /want/ to call her after so many days apart. "Still beats high school boys I guess." She smiles faintly at him, before introducing herself. "By the way, my name's Mahou. I live close by, so I'll probably check out your shop one of these days."

Ayame ahs. Relationships! He nodnods, as if following Mahou's unspoken thought on the matter. "He should call, and if he's busy, he should make time for someone important to him as you!" To forget, though!? Unthinkable! Ayame tsks. "Well, if it were a high school boy then I suppose their general tendancy to be irresponsible might be an excuse... but....you said dentist. Out of high school then?" It's none of his business though, either way. Ayame quickly pushes along. "Good to make your acquaintance, Miss Mahou! I am Ayame, and it would be a pleasure to be of service, should you find the time to drop by the shop some time!" He always loved new customers!

Mahou smiles a little bit. Yes, her parents wouldn't be exactly thrilled at the age difference between the two...if they knew, that is. "Thanks." She nods once, then adds. "For saying that." His words more than anything. She needed to hear them, reminding her of who was in the wrong instead of feeling down on herself. "Likewise, Ayame. I will certainly be stopping by." And a certain dentist will be footing the bill, if he wants to keep the pleasure of Mahou's company. She steps past him, raising her hand for a goodbye. "Until then, ciao."

Ayame grins broadly, offering an exagerated wave in return. "Not a problem!" Even if he wasn't really sure what it was he had said that she was grateful for. Well, he was glad to help! "I look forward to seeing you come by! Take care, Miss Mahou!" he shouts after her. Well, that was a nice chat! And a new acquaintance- possibly future customer! Goody! Hatori shall hear about this.... after a bite to eat. Ayame turns, traipsing off then.

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I haven't closed that window so I think I can still nab it.
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