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Shoujo Log [Dec. 21st, 2003|02:22 am]


Hope I did this right. Here's a scene from earlier in the evening. Sakura lost her key pendant! Bombs were defused! People were saved!

Cast: Kira, Sakura, Sana

Kira sits on a swing outside the school, subtly pushing back and forth. This isn't her school, of course, since it's an

elementary one and she's in high school. But it is nice here, free of most of the things Kira hates. Not to mention it's a

really nice building from an artist's perspective. Kira glances up, studying the lines on the brick before recreating them

perfectly on the paper.

( And it's a Saturday! But WHY in the world would Sana be at the school on a Saturday? .. because she's with her film crew,

apparently. They just finished wrapping up a photo-shoot, it seems, and Sana's glad to get free. "Don't forget Sana-chan;

there's some more promotional shoots scheduled for tomorrow morning, so get a good night's rest tonight." Sana waves merrily,

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAI!" Then bounds over to the swing set, pausing to glance at Kira, in some surprise. She's a bit old to be in

elementary school o_o "Hi!" n.n )

Sakura skates on through on her roller blades. "Hoe?" she says to herself as she catches sight of the older girl sitting

on the swing, and spins around to stop. Is she a new teaching assistant? Sana's energetic approach makes Sakura nearly

fall over from surprise. @.@ She shrugs to herself, then skates over to meet the new .. students?

Kira blinks, bringing the sketchpad almost protectively against her chest. When she looks up though, there's a nice enough

expression on her face, albeit a bit timid. "Oh, hi." Kira greets back, brown-eyed gaze sliding over to Sakura as well at

her approach. "Oh, I'm sorry, did I take one of your swings?" She hadn't been there long after all, with just the skeleton

of the building sketched out so far. Maybe they'd left the swingset only to return and find theirs stolen! "I..I can't


Sana grins at Sakura, waving to her as well, and then looks towards Kira, "Eh? You can't leave? Why not? Did someone

superglue your butt to the swing? Cuz that happened to a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of mine, when Hayama was

being a big ol' buttmonkey and trying to get even with someone but he's not a buttmonkey anymore and he's actually a pretty

good friend now which is pretty funny because I REALLY REALLY REALLY hated him when he was making trouble in our classes a

while back but everything is great now!" Throughout the dialogue, Sana has been very ..animated in her gestures. Waving her

hands, stomping repeatedly at the 'really's. "Or maybe.." She gasps, abruptly jumping behind Kira, "The men in the black

suits are making you stay here because if you get up the swingset will blow up, or maybe they're hiding behind every nook,

cranny and corner and things to make sure you don't leave! IT's a ransom!"
You are the only one awake here.

Sakura blinks blankly at Sana during her explanation of the prank. "Why would anyone do that?" she starts to ask, and then

very loudly 'HOEEEE!!!'s. "The swingset is going to explode? We have to call the police!" she cries out, flailing her

arms very very fast.

Kira gasps softly when she realizes she mispoke. It should be no surprise really. A social butterfly...Kira is not.

"That..it isn't what I meant to say." She stammers nervously, gripping her sketchpad until her knuckles turn white. She

meant to say that she could leave, if need be! Kira looks down at the ground as Sana goes on. She's obviously the oldest

here, why does she get so flustered? And then she catches something that makes her even more nervous still. "Men...in black

suits?" No, Kira most certainly does /not/ like the idea of that. She swallows hard, trying to resume the role of the

'mature' one, for Sakura's benefit. "Really, I don't think that's going to happen. But...men, in black suits? Really?"

Her eyes lift questioningly to Sana's face again.

Sana shakes her head at Sakura, "No way, I disassembled a bomb in one of my movies, Sana and the Ticking Time Bear. Don't

ask. You'll have to help me though!" She reaches out to grab Sakura's hand and pull her over to the swingset 'bomb'. To

Kira, she reaches over to patpat the girl's shoulder, "Don't worry, we'll have this problem diffused in NO time! I only made

the bomb blow up the first ten times during rehearsal!" *beam* "Just sit still and don't move - I bet it's pressure sensitive

like in that Indiana Jones movie!"

Sakura is grabbed and rolls over with Sana. "Hoeeee! Uhm, uhm! What should I do?" It's all happening so fast! To Kira,

she says. "But, but... I know in the movies everything turns out ok, but hoeee...." her eyes become very small dots, and

her mouth turns into an X. "Hoeee...~~" Maybe she should use some magic and stop time, but how would she explain that?

"Are you sure you can turn it off?" she asks Sana.

Kira tilts her head softly, her eyes growing large and frightened again. Wait, so there really was a bomb? Her face takes

on the expression of a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Don't worry, she looks that way fairly often. "If there's a

bomb, then the two of you have to get away! Please, run...if you get hurt..." Kira will never forgive herself. Though she

probably wouldn't have to worry about it if Sana's tale were true. She'd be in too many pieces to feel guilty. She closes

her eyes as her body begins to tremble. "Please, both of you! Run away!" Hope the cameras are rolling for this...

Sana nods quickly, "Yep! Um." She circles Kira for a second, peering at the swings. And yes, the cameras /are/ running. The

cameramen never miss a chance to film Sana-antics, and this one is too good to pass up. Sana doesn't pay them any mind though

; she thinks they'd already left! And well.. no, there isn't a bomb, but Sana thought there was! And it's hard to get things

through to her when she's caught up in the moment. "We can't leave you like this! Don't worry, I have it all under control!"

She glances at Sakura, "Do you have a screwdriver?" o_o

Sakura grabs onto Kira's arm. "Don't worry, she probably knows what she's doing!" Sana does, anyway. "Hoe? Uhm---, I have

a 10 yen coin, will that work?" She saw her brother use one once when he needed to fix his bike on the roadside. Fishing in

her bag, she gives the coin to Sana.

Kira shakes her head furiously, but stops the action at the immediate thought that any moment might trigger the bomb. What,

exactly, a bomb would be doing in an elementary school swing set...she has no idea. She's so naive sometimes. "But...she's

just a little girl. You both are! How are you suppossed to handle something like a bomb?" It was a job for the police! At

the retrieval of a coin, Kira blinks. They're all going to die, and she's going to carry such horrible guilt into the

( moment=movement* )

Sana takes the coin, puzzling a moment, "I guess it'll work." She beams, "Thanks!" She scoots behind Kira again, crouching on

the ground as she puts the yen coin against the screw in the sweat. "It's just a matter of cutting a wire! Simple!" Sana

grins, placing the coin against the screw, and struggles to get the screw out. "This is in pretty tight!" o_o

Sakura rubs Kira's hand vigorously. "It'll be ok!", reassuringly. She nods, and then looks over at Sana. To herself she

thinks. (Why is she taking out that screw? Isn't that just going to make the swing fall down?) But Sana's done this

before, so she must know what she's doing.

Kira blinks, seeming a little unsure about the operation going on around her. Was this for real, or were they just

pretending? She tries to think back. After all, she was a normal little girl, in spite of the way she might seem now. She

had a vivid imagination, and a lot of energy, just like this two. But she never play-pretending disarming a bomb! Her eyes

glance from one girl to the other, the wheels rolling around in her head. But still, she says nothing.

( Yes, well, in the movies, the bomb was in the seat of the swing. Or maybe Sana's just randomly causing chaos. n_n

Nonetheless, halfway through, she pauses, an epiphany hitting her, "You know, this doesn't look a thing like the swings that

I disarmed in the movies." At the same time, the swing /rattles/ a bit, and might deposit poor Kira in an graceless heap on

the ground if she remains sitting. )

Sakura hoeeees! "But if it doesn't look like the one you worked with before, how do you know how to disarm it?" she cries

out, flailing her arms. She might have to use her Time card! So she pulls out her key pendant, just in case.

Kira takes in a shaky breath, a single tear sliding down a pale cheek. yes, she's the oldest here, but would undoubtedly be

the first to cry! She wasn't born a wimp, really. It's just...well, sometimes things happen in life to change a person. At

the revelation that this swing-bomb is somehow different causes her posture to stiffen. When the swing rattles, Kira cries

out in alarm and feels the sensation of beginning to fall. Where was Rei to look out for her when she needed him! @.@;

( Reikun? Where? Reikun is probably getting her more gigs! :D But as Sana turns to answer Sakura, one of the crewmen sits up

"Aah-S-Sana-cha-" *THUD* And Kira is saved! .. by landing on Sana. @.x "WAAH! What happened? I can't move! OH


Sakura is too petite to hold up the falling Kira, and is pulled forward by the sudden downward motion of the older girl.

She's still on her skates, too, so she can't keep her own balance and begins to fall onto Kira. @.@ "Hoeeee!!!! Look out!"

Her key pendant goes flying out of her other hand, into the grass. She closes her eyes for the coming impact.... but when

she opens them, nothing has exploded, she's just on top of Kira. o.o

Kira screams and squeezes her eyes shut. They're gonna die, they're gonna die! ...Nothing... Kira gasps, her eyes flying

open and letting the tears flow freely as she looks to Sakura and blinks. They're alive! Except maybe for poor Sana. At

the girl's loud run-on cries, Kira tries to shift her weight off of her, holding Sakura by the shoulders to try and help her

stand up straight again. "Is...is everyone alright?" Kira's voice trembles, and she swallows hard to fight back the tears.

Don't mind her girls, she's just a crybaby that wya.

( As Kira shifts off of her, Sana stretches a bit, and pops up, "I'm fine!" SHe hops on her toes, "Is everyone okay? DId the

bomb -" Pause. "Oh.. there was no bomb. I guess it was just an ordinary swing. Eheh. Sorry about that!" n.n; )

Sakura is righted by Kira, still a little dizzy from all the happenings. "Hoeee....." she says, very quietly as she wobbles

back and forth on her skates. "Daijobu...." and then she hugs onto Kira. "We're ok!" Wait, no bomb? O_o

Kira blinks, looking between Sana and Sakura uncertainly. "So...there really wasn't..." They were safe all along! But

shouldn't she have guessed this from the beginning? Kira was sixteen after all. She's just been sheltered for too long.

She lifts a hand to her face, sobbing softly for a few moments. But out of relief this time. She raises her head,

attempting a smile for them as she gathers her art supplies and gets to her feet. "I...I really should be going. It was

nice to meet you both, I'm really glad that you're okay." She nods and gives the clinging Sakura a little squeeze before

pulling away.

Kira (OOC) hugs and bows out. ^^ Feeling drained. Thanks for the scene though.
Sana (OOC) huggles :D Should get going too, it's getting late ;D
Kira (OOC) waves! ^^ Later guys!
Kira has disconnected.

Sana sweatdrops at Kira, watching her go, and then glances towards Sakura, "She's pretty emotional, isn't she?" Pausing, she

looks past the girl as someone pulls up outside the gates, and a man in a suit and shades steps out, "Sana-chan, ready to

go?" Sana squeals, "HAI! I'll be right there!" She turns to Sakura, handing her the yen coin, "Thanks again, ne? Have a good

evening!" n.n

Sakura sweatdrops and nods. She's met more emotional people, but not in that way. "Ah, hai, thanks for helping!" she

answers, putting away the coin. But she erks as Sana goes away. Where'd her key pendant go? Uh-oh.

Sakura (OOC) @.@
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