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[Jan. 14th, 2004|11:54 pm]


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Mahou and Naozumi
A large and dimly lit library containing an impressive amount of books. Silence is the key word. Horseplay is deeply frowned upon, though it rarely stops the most mischievous. All subjects are well represented here, just waiting for those frenzied weeks before final exams. It's a building also rich in superstition, and older students are always quick to 'inform' the younger about its haunted history.
[Exits : (O)ut to Central Tokyo ]
[Players : Mahou ]
[Things : None ]

Mahou was suppossed to be studying. That's what one normally does in a library, right? Study or research or read. But she was busy staring at her cell phone from the corner of her eyes. A real no-no in the place, but if it rang, you can bet she'd answer it! However...it wasn't ringing. She sighs, her eyes closing for a moment before she looks back to the book in front of her. Focus. Don't think about idiot dentist boyfriends.

The doors to the library open and a rather pretty young boy steps into the library. Apparently boys famous for dramas need to do research and so Kamura Naozumi has been forced to come to the library where any girl his age will probably try and bombard him with requests for autographs. He's not even making an effort to hide his hair or eyes that were part of the reason for his fame... Well his looks in general but the fact he can act is a plus too.

Mahou can already feel that there'll be no studying for her today. "Ugh." She pushes the book away, a slender hand lifting to massage her temples. What's all this nonsense they want her to learn anyway? It's not like she'll ever actually need it. Pointless. At the sound of the doors opening, she naturally looks in that direction and quirks one dark brow. Hmm, he looks familiar maybe?

Walking over to Mahou, Naozumi bows deeply to her,"Ummm... I was wondering if you knew where I could find about the American Revolution, my tutor wishes me to study a book about it this year." He says softly, keeping his head bowed. Yep. A few girls glare jealously at Mahou.

Mahou smiles a little bit, but doesn't reveal if she knows exactly who he is or not. "The American Revolution?" She repeats softly, smoothing her hair back over her shoulder as she gets to her feet. "Sure, I think I know where the world history section is." She scoots her chair back before standing up, giving the cell a cool glance. Screw it. It can rest there on the table and ring for the rest of the day as far as she's concerned.

"Arigatou." Naozumi says smiling a little and giving Mahou another bow as he glances around and tries to follow after her. "Aren't you worried about missing a call?" He asks curiously, sparing a glance to Mahou's cellphone.

Mahou shrugs, gliding past the aisles before turning down the one marked 'world history'. "I hope so." She replies with a smirk before stopping in front of a line of books. She glances over to him. "You really don't have to be so polite, either." In reference to the bows. "Boys your age rarely are." It wasn't meant as a snobby remark. He was young, right?

"Gomen. I was just trying to be polite... It is automatic for me." Naozumi says smiling a bit and considers why someone would /want/ to miss a call. If Sana were to call him, he'd not want to miss it. Nor if his manager or any of his 'family' tried to call him.

Mahou sighs, nodding a little bit. If it's automatic for him, it can't be helped. Mahou has just seen so many who pretend to be nice, and are really something else...herself included, when the situation calls for it. But she doesn't really think he's that way. "It's alright. Ah, here's one." She removes a book on the American Revolution and holds it out to him with a curious expression. "It's pretty thick though. Think you can read all that?"

Naozumi nodding a little bit,"Hai!" Naozumi says flashing her a rather genuine smile as he takes the book. "It isn't right away that the essay is due. I have time to read it and do my essay." He adds with a little shier smile. He's beginning to get a little nervous about the girls standing not too far away looking particuliarly upset.

"Well, if you say so. You're the boss." Mahou says it just loudly enough for the girls' 'benefit'. She's not bothered by them. In fact, the situation is right up her alley. She crosses her arms over her chest, almost daring them with her gaze. And then, as she steps by Naozumi... "I have some free time. I can help you if you'd like." She lifts one hand, petting it on his head affectionately. Take that!

All three girls watching him shrink back, one even says,"K-k-kowaii." Naozumi blinks as his head is petted affectionately,"Ummm.... Are you trying to scare the girls watching me?" He asks in a whisper leaning in close to Mahou's ear so only she can hear him. This probably will not help but make the girls hate/fear Mahou any.

Mahou smirks, taking gleeful pleasure in the retreat. "Mmhmm." She nods firmly before glancing to him, her voice lowered no less. "You have to be careful around girls like that you know." She begins walking back down the aisle, headed in the direction of her table. "My name's Mahou by the way."

"Kamura Naozumi." He says smiling a little bit and following after Mahou,"Oh. They're nothing worse than most of the girls my age. I try not to pay too close attention to them. There's only one girl I love and I will be true to her no matter what. I will not falter." Naozumi says a determined looking crossing his young face.

Mahou raises her eyebrows at his words, glancing over to him before settling in her seat and scooting closer to the table. "Sure, you say that now..." She trails off, frowning a little bit. No, she shouldn't do that. She shouldn't burst his bubble that way. He wasn't even in high school. She clears her throat gently, moving her books aside to make a place for him at the table should he choose to take it. "I think that sounds very noble of you. No wonder those girls are so jealous."

If she'd tried the trumpet would have come out. Naozumi will not hear that he might waver in his affection for Sana-chan. He hasn't his entire life so far. Sitting down and blushing, Naozumi taps two fingers together as he nervously says,"There's not other girl for me..."

Mahou nods after watching him for a moment. "I believe you." He's got another good five or six years before he becomes a dirty rotten liar! Err...don't mind her. "I think she must be a very lucky girl then, ne?" She flips the large book open, coughing as dust is stirred up from within its pages.

"She's very talented. You may have seen her before. Kurato Sana." Naozumi whispers into Mahou's ear so that no one can over hear. His cheeks turn an ever brighter shade of scarlet though. Yeah. Sana doesn't even have clue about it either. "She's the best of girls."

Mahou smiles, tilting her head gently. "Kurato Sana." She glances away thoughtfully while combing her fingers through her dark hair. "Well now, I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I can dance at your wedding." She looks back to him and winks, hoping to make him blush with the comment.

Oh yes! Naozumi's face, neck, chest, ears, everything seems to have turned the most brilliant shade of red! He's not even able to speak he's spluttering so much. Waaaaaah. Mean woman, teasing him about his true love, even if it isn't being returned. He shall hope she will!

Mahou chuckles softly as she crosses her legs. "Alright, you'd better get started. Even if you have plenty of time, there's a lot of material to cover." She leans forward, pushing the book over to him. "The book seems pretty thorough though. If you read it, there's no reason you shouldn't pass..." She pauses and blinks. "What class is this for, anyway?"

"Not really a class... My tutor just wishes me to have some knowledge of foreign history as well as Japanese history." Naozumi says as he finally recovers his calm,"The essay is to assist me in passing on to the next year. Perhaps I will get to actually attend a school."

Mahou listens to him and makes a face at what she finds out. "Ugh." Learning something for a grade was bad enough, but to learn it just for the sake of learning it? "What a bummer." She sighs, shaking her leg back and forth gently. "A tutor? So you don't even really attend school then."

"No. There's not a whole lot of time for actual classes." Naozumi says shrugging a little bit,"I get time for relaxing when I go home to the Acadamy but during the times when I have my dramas, there's so much going on that I simply cannot go to a normal school at the sametime."

Mahou frowns a little bit, resting her chin on her fist. "That doesn't sound very fun." Even though she's never really thought of school as 'fun', at least she can see her friends, and there's the potential for mischief. By herself though... "I hope you do well then, and maybe get a chance to go to a real school in the future."

"The dramas are fun. Especially when I get to work with some of the younger actors." Naozumi says smiling a little bit,"I tend to get along with people and enjoy just being able to do something I love and I love acting and playing my trumpet."

"Well then, that sounds nice. Be sure to keep doing whatever it is that you love most Naozumi." Mahou nods, smiling a little bit as she checks her watch. She sighs, starting to gather up her own things. The cell phone is last on the list, and for a moment it seems she might leave it altogether. "I should get going. I promised my mom I'd help with dinner tonight."

“Have fun." Naozumi says, a touch of sadness actually creeping into his voice. He's never had a real mother. Just the lady who runs the acadamy and while she's as much a mother as he's ever known, having the real thing must be infitely better... most of the time. His eyes flicker a little,"Perhaps I shall see you again Mahou-sama." He says bowing his head as he opens the book.

Mahou blinks, pausing and tilting her head at him. Something about his tone, his expression. He was definitely sad about something. Hmm. "Hey." Mahou speaks up, getting his attention after the bow. "If you have time sometime this week, maybe you can come to my house and help." With dinner, that is. She wasn't really trying to work him to death. That was Mahou's form of invitation.

"We'll see. I may be going home to the Acadamy soon. Depends on whether the Drama wraps up in time. If I don't I shall take you up on the offer." Naozumi says smiling a little bit. While it isn't /exactly/ public knowledge he's an orphan of unknown heritage, there are always rumours.

Mahou nods, scribbling something on a piece of paper. "I hope you do." She hands it over to him, explaining. "My number. Give me a call. I'm sure my mother would love to meet you and hear about Sana." She smirks, knowing the reaction that will likely inspire. "Until then." She raises her hand, giving him a little wave as she moves towards the door.

Blush. Oh yes, Naozumi does blush again at the mention of Sana-chan. He hopes to actually meet up with her soon. He's been wanting to see her for so long. He's followed her entire career. His eyes look at Mahou as he accepts the paper,"Until then Mahou-san!"